Polyurethane Handhold Order Completion Times:

For orders of $1000 or less, holds ship in approx. 10 business days. For orders larger than $1000, please call for current production times.

Wood & Fiberglass Volume Order Completion Times:

For orders of $1000 or less, volumes ship in approx. 10 business days. For orders larger than $1000 please call for current production times.

Wood & Fiberglass Volume Shipping:

Due to large size and weight, many of our wood and fiberglass volumes ship through freight transport on a pallet.  Please call to get the best shipping options available.

Color Matching Industry Standards:

All manufacturers are a little different in color due to base material and process. EP Holds colors are within acceptable tolerances by the IFSC and National Level 4 and 5 setters.


All prices for EP holds and volumes are at wholesale / gym pricing. We do offer additional quantity discounts. For orders of $2000 to $4999 = 3%, $5000 to $7499 = 6% and orders of $7500 and up =10%.

Cleaning Polyurethane Handholds:

We recommend that you clean your hand holds every time you change the holds on the wall or set a new route. The easiest way to clean holds is to run them through a dishwasher on high setting, DO NOT leave them in through the DRYING CYCLE. Another method is to clean the holds in a bucket of warm soapy water with a scrub brush. It is necessary to scrub vigorously to clean the holds thoroughly to remove excess chalk, shoe rubber and oils from people’s hands. You will find that a regular cleaning returns your holds to a like-new condition and texture.

Always use nylon brushes and never metal bristle brushes as they will permanently remove the texture from your hand holds.

Cleaning Wood or Fiberglass volumes:

Use a bucket of warm soapy water and a nylon bristle brush to clean your volumes. Take extra caution to not get the underside of the wood volumes wet.

Size of Polyurethane holds:

Footprint sizes are approximate. (XS-2”) (Sm-3”) (Med-4”) (Lrg-6”) (XL-8”) (2XL-12”) (3XL-17”) (4XL-19”)

Return of un-used holds / volumes:

If you are unsatisfied with your handhold purchase, un-used holds may be returned within 90 days of purchase date. EP Climbing must be contacted for an RA (Return Authorization) number and that number must appear on the box. An original pack-list or receipt must accompany the holds / volumes. All returns will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. All related shipping costs for return to be paid by the customer. Traverse wall panels and traverse wall packages including hand holds are not eligible for return.


EP Climbing USA handholds / volumes come with a 1-year guarantee. Holds and volumes are not warranted against misuse, color fading, over-tightening or breakage from being dropped. If a hold / volume should break under normal use, return the bulk of the hold / volume marked “warranty” and we will send a replacement hold. Replacement holds / volumes are limited to the open stock EP Climbing USA has on hand. Size, shape, type and color of replacement holds / volumes and response times are at EP’s discretion. Please ensure that all holds / volumes are in fact EP holds, since we no longer replace our competitors broken holds.