EP Climbing and Bend Endurance Academy Team Up for an Incredible Youth Training Center

Big things are happening in the climbing world as EP Climbing and Bend Endurance Academy (BEA) join forces to build a cutting-edge youth training center. This partnership is all about meeting the needs of young climbers while creating a top-notch venue for competitions, clinics, and training camps for competitive climbers across the West Coast.

Turning Vision into Reality:

EP Climbing’s partnership with BEA signifies our shared dedication to building a world-class climbing facility. Drawing on EP Climbing’s expertise as a leading climbing wall manufacturer, this collaboration ensures that the facility will meet the specific needs of young climbers. From innovative climbing wall designs to state-of-the-art equipment, every aspect of the facility is meticulously crafted to provide an optimal environment for growth and development.

The facility spans an impressive 5027 square feet and showcases our cutting-edge Mozaik Surface Technology. These thoughtfully designed climbing walls, featuring distinctive elements and diverse dimensions, provide dynamic challenges for climbers of every skill level. Cate Beebe, a route Setter for BEA, highlights the crucial role of wall design and quality in creating captivating and innovative climbs for their athletes. Recognizing EP’s expertise in crafting competition walls, Cate expresses confidence in our ability to provide route setters with the best terrain suited to the diverse needs of a wide range of climbers.

Opportunities for Competitions, Clinics, and Training Camps:

Not only will the youth training center cater to young climbers, but it will also become a hot spot for competitive climbers from all over the West Coast. The facility will host competitions, clinics, and training camps, creating a vibrant hub for climbing enthusiasts.

Competitions will be a big highlight, bringing together climbers of different skill levels to showcase their talent. It’s a chance for young climbers to connect with others and push their limits.

Clinics and training camps will be led by experienced climbers and industry experts, sharing their knowledge and helping climbers improve their skills. Whether a beginner or an experienced climber, there will be something for everyone to learn and grow from.

Empowering Youth Climbers:

EP Climbing’s partnership with BEA is an exciting endeavor that promises to revolutionize the climbing experience for young climbers. By building a cutting-edge facility that caters to their needs, EP Climbing is helping BEA turn their vision into a reality. This collaborative effort not only provides opportunities for competitions, clinics, and training camps but also emphasizes inclusivity, empowerment, and the cultivation of a vibrant climbing community.

Mike, Executive Director of Bend Endurance Academy, highlights the trust and confidence in EP Climbing, stating, “EP has long played a role in the climbing gym and climbing competition scene here in the US, and their commitment to creating a quality product and furthering the arena of competition climbing helped make me confident that our project was in the best hands.” Mike adds, “With EP USA being a Bend-based company, it felt like working with family. Almost every single person from EP that I have worked with on this project I have already had some form of relationship with. I’ve personally coached some of their kids, worked with some of them on producing competitions, and have met with them throughout the years at industry trade shows or climbing competitions.”

With EP Climbing’s expertise and BEA’s unwavering passion, the future of climbing looks brighter than ever. Young climbers can anticipate an exceptional space to pursue their passion and realize their full potential. This partnership is set to create a lasting impact, empowering the next generation of climbers and inspiring a love for the sport.