From a Church to a Climbing Gym: Insight Climbing & Movement Bremerton

Insight Climbing & Movement, located in Bremerton, Washington, is another feel good, community centered, bouldering and fitness facility. Friendly and inviting are a couple of words that come to mind when entering the doors here for the first time.

EP is proud of this project, our relationships, and continually working together for the success of each facility. This is done through problem solving conversations, connecting our clients to other clients to discuss specific topics, listening to feedback and continually learning and exceeding expectations.

“So stoked for Bremerton to get it’s first climbing gym! Michele, the owner, rehabilitated the old building really well.The walls are super beautiful, with plenty of really well thought out problems. I had the opportunity to climb with the owner and had such a blast, she’s great people,” wrote a community member in a review. 

Insight Bremerton offers over 2,500 square feet of climbing terrain, 25 and 45 degree training walls, an adjustable treadwall, fitness studio, and yoga classes. 

This rehabilitated, church building provided an interesting design perspective with varying wall heights due to the original floor structure and a chance to use different staining techniques to allow the natural birch to shine through for a unique gym aesthetic. 

natural wood aesthetic kept from renovation
Insight Climbing & Movement new facility_renovated building
Insight Climbing & Movement Gym, Bremerton, Washington