Rock Solid Climbing + Fitness Opened its Doors in the Middle of a Pandemic

Rock Solid Climbing + Fitness officially opened its doors to the public on Monday, Sept. 14, establishing itself as the largest bouldering facility in the desert southwest.

Construction pretty much stayed on schedule through this uncertain time, but the management team did face the same hurdles as other businesses, by having to constantly adjust their plans and rules for operating during the pandemic.

Aligning their standards with CDC’s best practices, the gym began operating at 25% occupancy, or 75 climbers, allowing 200 square feet per person.

The facility has over 12,000 square feet of climbing space with walls at nearly every angle and even includes a top out bouldering section. We also designed custom volumes for Rock Solid, which are now included in our “gem” range of volumes.

The gym’s multi-disciplinary approach provides customers access to a full service fitness facility featuring dedicated training walls, weight training equipment, yoga, and pilates as well as instructor-led classes for all ability levels.

Rock solid provides the local community access to a place to de-stress, exercise, and momentarily forget about the pressures of everything going on around them.