Continuous Improvement in Action – NEW 2021 EPU Material

We recently launched a brand new PU mix for our urethane hold lines.
Creatively called ‘EPU’!

Our team has spent the last year perfecting the new plastic and pushing it to the limits in both ASTM lab quality tests and commercial gym practical tests, and recently sent samples out to select setters across the country. We asked for feedback on the feel and durability of the EPU material as well as thoughts about our latest setters series of shapes (more info coming soon)!

Key Improvements of the New Plastic Formula:
  • Hardness & flex: set screw without splitting
  • Life cycle for commercial facilities: abrasion/polishing resistance
  • Calibrated colors: matching USAC competition standards
  • New hollow-back tooling: consistent thickness
  • Texture & feel: consistent dry texture

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