New Grips! Dual Tex Volumes and Dual Tex Macros


We are excited to announce EP Climbing’s latest releases that are making waves in the climbing world: the Dual Tex Volumes and Dual Tex Macros! These innovative holds made waves at the Salt Lake City World Cup and the Climbing Wall Association Summit in Pittsburgh, creating a buzz of excitement among climbers and industry professionals.

Let’s dive into our new Dual Texture Volumes

Our Bio Family collection offers a diverse range of grippable shapes specifically designed to seamlessly nest against various angled facets. What sets these volumes apart is their dual-texture feature, which provides climbers with a dynamic and versatile experience right out of the box. With two different textures on each volume, you’ll encounter new challenges as you navigate climbing routes.

Slim and Stylish: Bio Fam Skinnies

If you’re searching for sleek and slender holds, our Skinnies collection is the perfect choice. These volumes come in three angles and two sizes, offering route setters a slightly sloping, pinch-like grip. The varying sizes of the Skinnies strike a balance of positivity, presenting opportunities to challenge climbers’ skills.


Slightly Sloping and Grippable:
Bio Fam Nerve

For route setters seeking a slightly sloping yet easily grabbable surface, our Nerve collection is an excellent option. Available in three angles and two sizes, the Nerve volumes provide just the right amount of challenge and satisfaction. The best part is that these volumes nest perfectly with other Bio Family shapes. For example, the Large Nerve 100 seamlessly matches the Large Nerve 80 or Large Skinny 80, enabling you to create imaginative climbing routes.


Get ready for Dual Texture Macros!

While we’re keeping some details under wraps for now, rest assured that these holds have generated significant interest within the climbing community last month. Stay tuned for updates and more information about these game-changing macros that made their debut at the CWA Grip Showcase.

Questions? Talk to us!

At EP Climbing, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of climbing holds and equipping climbers with the finest tools to conquer their goals. Make sure to stay updated for more updates, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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