EP Climbing’s New Partner for Climbing Hold Manufacturing

EP Climbing Teams Up with Peak Performance Polymers for Climbing Hold Manufacturing

As one of the first companies to produce indoor climbing walls and holds, EP Climbing has spent the last 35 years adapting to the changing times and continuously improving our product. We have successfully transitioned from polyester to polyurethane holds, shifted from concrete to wood walls, and evolved into fiberglass volumes and eventually to wood volumes. We are dedicated to continuing this journey and committed to doing it well.

To keep up with our commitment, we are excited to announce our partnership with Peak Performance Polymers for all of our climbing hold manufacturing. We understand how important it is to provide you with a lasting product that not only looks good but also works well and can be in your hands in a reasonable amount of time. Therefore, we are now using their new, improved polyurethane material, which comes in 37 different color options. Plus, we have expanded shipping options with the ability to combine shipments with other leading brands and offer a very fast 14-day turnaround on orders.

We are also releasing new shapes to our collection, replacing outdated shapes with modern ones. These new families of shapes will be available in the next few months as we continue to expand and adapt our catalog.

We have recognized that our earlier material was not up to snuff, and we are committed to making this change to continue the legacy of EP Climbing for another 35 years. We see what you want, and we hear what you need. Thank you for your support and being a part of this journey with us.


Read the full press release here: EP Climbing Announces Partnership with Peak Performance Polymers for Climbing Hold Manufacturing

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