Community Park Encourages Innovative Play With Free-Standing EP Boulders

EP Free Standing Boulders at Alpenglow Community Park

Surrounded by the high desert landscape and a stunning view of the Cascade Mountain range, the bouldering area at the new Alpenglow Community Park in Bend, Oregon, opened to the public this summer. The pre-casted and custom-built boulders―installed by EP USA―include both natural routes and routes set with climbing holds. The routes vary in difficulty, offering climbs for people of all ages and abilities. EP also integrated accessible routes with rope assist climbing hardware for adaptive climbers and climbers with disabilities, making the recreational opportunity open to all.

Innovative Play

As park and recreation departments look for more ways to inspire people to take advantage of green spaces, manufactured climbing structures are quickly becoming the solution of choice. Bringing climbing into new play environments encourages more parents, children, youth and teens to participate in the rapidly growing sport, get active, and make connections. Aside from family play, climbing is a uniquely community driven sport, providing a context for people of all ages to socialize at the park’s boulders.

The new boulders at Alpenglow have rock-realistic features and climbing holds, in addition to hardware for adaptive climbing.
The new boulders at Alpenglow have rock-realistic features and climbing holds, in addition to hardware for adaptive climbing.

By contributing to outdoor fields of play, like the Alpenglow Community Park, EP aims to both support the growth of climbing as well as create long-term value for the communities.

“Alpenglow is a community park that has something for everyone, regardless of age or ability, and it is already serving as the community hub of connection that we had hoped it would be,” said Ian Isaacson, BPRD landscape architect and project manager. “I collaborated with an incredible team to see Alpenglow go from the drawing board to reality, especially the design and construction of the bouldering area. Having a partner like EP climbing on the team enabled us to create a wonderful amenity that will be enjoyed by generations of Central Oregonians.”


Climbing structure at Alpenglow Community Park. Inspires communities to get outside.
Climbing structures have long been benefiting public parks like Alpenglow, inspiring communities to get outside.

The addition of climbing structures, such as the new boulders at Alpenglow, can be a welcome change of pace for a local park and its users. Climbing provides communities with meaningful opportunities for play and physical activity, while incorporating problem solving and fostering social connections.

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