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IFSC Extends Partnership with EP

The IFSC Extends Partnership with EP Climbing We are excited to extend our partnership with [...]

Women of EP Climbing USA – Story in CBJ

The women of EP Climbing, bring a fun and diverse background to our offices and [...]

Volta Climbing in Trenton, Maine

We are excited to finish up the climbing walls side of the facility as our [...]

A Unique Path with Sander Culliton, EP USA CEO

A Unique Path “Culliton got his start in carpentry when he was young. “By the [...]

From Smith Rock State Park to Tokyo

EP USA has been in Bend, Oregon since 1988.  Sport climbing took a huge leap [...]

New Bouldering and Speed Walls at the IFSC World Cup SLC

Through our local partnership with USA CLIMBING, we proudly unveiled our new bouldering wall design [...]

Building During a Pandemic & The Value of Partnership

Is relationship/partnership important to you and what does it mean for your vision of a [...]

Stone Age Climbing Gym with EPU Switchblades

Thanks to our friends over at Stone Age Climbing showing off a few new holds [...]

Continued Education Credit Course

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has officially recognized climbing as an Olympic sport for the [...]

Getting back to climbing wall production here at EP-USA

Walk through our facility with Health and Safety Coordinator, Rick York Starting back to work, [...]