Getting back to climbing wall production here at EP-USA

Walk through our facility with Health and Safety Coordinator, Rick York

Starting back to work, slowly and safely is the main concern here at EP.  In Deschutes County, we have not seen spikes similar to other areas around the country and move forward with confidence, but still with our eyes open.  To keep things moving forward, and employees working, we have been bringing departments back in to production part time, under new procedures and phase I guidelines set by the State of Oregon, local county guidelines, and additional precautions that we have formalized internally.  We took a few weeks to assess our production areas and adjust personal station requirements, PPE, cleaning and break schedules, capacity rules as well as daily check-in/out temperatures and health questions.

Additionally, behind the scenes, we continue to be busy, working part-time remotely, designers and drafters are cranking out files, sales is taking calls – both on new projects and staying in contact with our previous clients to learn first hand about concerns.  We have been able to help with cleaning and maintenance solutions to capacity site maps and a new series of educational courses rolling out.

The climbing industry has been an evolving sport for over the 30 years EP has been involved.  We look forward to new solutions and continuing to bring climbing to everyone, even if it may look a little different for generations to come.