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TRUBLUE iQ Auto Belay

Learn more on the TruBlue iQ spec sheets in the image gallery


TRUBLUE iQ+ Auto Belay

Meet the first auto belay in the world with the ability to “take”.



The TRUBLUE SPEED Auto Belay has the same reliability and quality reputation as the TRUBLUE but offers fast retraction specifically for speed climbing competitions and training.


TRUBLUE Belay Gate


TRUBLUE Rectangular XL Belay Gate

Our largest Belay Gate promotes climber safety by reducing clipping errors and covering starting holds.


TRUBLUE Mounting Kit



The TRU-Mount Auto Belay mounting system is an elegant and cost-effective method to add the TRUBLUE Auto Belay to most climbing facilities.


TRUBLUE Universal Mount

The Universal Mount is a simple and durable mounting point for auto belays and top rope anchors.